On the business side, training the user of Quickbooks in your business is one of the most cost-effective methods of managing your business finances.  With procedures outlined and in place, consistency keeps your financial picture up-to-date and at hand when you need it.

Letters of engagement are part of a committment to communication with clients.  This outlines the scope of the work, estimated time, and rate.

On the personal side, meeting one-on-one either virtually or in person allows for a customized review on an individual basis.  A confidentiality agreement is signed prior to any financial discussions. 

Employee wellness programs are beginning to recognize how stressful personal finances can be and how much productivity is lost due to this stress.  Onsite programs* are offered for groups wishing to offer their employees this benefit.  Call for customized Financial Counseling Programs.

*Programs are for educational purposes and do not recommend investments.
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